The 2008 chapter is closing...

2008 is coming to a close and with that, it's time to showcase my favorites of 2008. I look back and I had A LOT of obsessions. I can't even finish because I have so much. What I've mentioned in this one are my favorites. 



_Moving to Los Angeles on my own_
_Becoming a stylist_
_Buying my first Betsey Johnson bag; upgraded from Betseyville_
_Partied with celebrities (wasn't the business lmao)_
_Lost a best friend_
_Reconnected with the group we both kicked it with, RQ lol_
_Got closer to my cousin Michelle_
_Truely fell in love_
_Made amazing friends but never lost the best ones_
_Discovered that a majority of people I went to school with have children_
_WAIITT...for that matter, here's a memory; I was told I'm like Good Luck Chuck because every guy I've dated/had a relationship with has a child or bout to be married LMAO_
_Met the cast of Gossip Girl_
_Lost a friend I thought I could trust...to drugs_
_Lost a job I really loved_
_Bought my first dresser_
_Made friends on craigslist lol. Actually they were my roommates, but found on craigslist_
_Learned so much from her, Sabrina Noel_
_Started a blog, vlog and such_
_Struggled with my relationship_
_Had a great hookup at Starbucks; love free coffee!_
_Got myself out of a financial hole...and put myself right back in one_
_Had my first glass of Cristal_
_Tried shrimp for the first time..ew_
_Became a really good cook_
_Became obsessed with Rachel Zoe and MORE obsessesd with Betsey Johnson_
_Had a deeper understanding for sales associates_
_Actually had someone be GINUINELY nice to me that didn't know me at all; shout-out to Russ at Best Buy...like seriously GINUINELY nice_
_Had a deeper appreciation for my family and friends, finding out that the next day is not promised and to take advantage of the times you have together_
_Got much closer with Chelsi and Yvonne_
_Helped put on a fashion show_
_Learned the Thriller dance_
_Had my first official Happy Hour_
_Went to Vegas for my 21st and had so much fun; Did it ALL VIP STYLE_
_Danced to "white people music" lol. techno stuff for the first time lol_
_Cried in Tre's arms; a good cry though_
_Gave someone a friendship ring lol...Ashley MarieLynnBostonLA Hanson LOL_
_Got bangs; hated em and changed it like a few weeks later_

The importants;

best friends: Heather Marie, Maggie Riess & Chelsi Remi
love: Trevon Marcel
favorite songs: Shut Up and Let Me Go-The Tings Tings; If You Leave-Musiq Soulchild; Acapella (Something's Missing)-Brandy; Say (All I Need)-OneRepublic; Turn Me Off-Keri Hilson; Pop Rose-Drake; Tony the Beat-The Sounds; Superhuman-Chris Brown & Keri Hilson; My Life-The Game; I Hate This Part-PCD; Go Girl-Ciara; Electric Feel-MGMT
favorite movies: Dark Knight; 21; Iron Man; Hancock; Wall-E; Pineapple Express; 
favorite electronics: MacBook Pro (STILL WANT); G-1; My GPS system;
favorite stores: Mars Vintage; Betsey Johnson; any random boutique; Urban Outfitters; Express
favorite websites: whowhatweardaily.com; runwaydaily.com; lookbook.nu; blogspot.com; stylechick.com; justjared.com; facebook.com; myspace.com; youtube.com

Favorite T.V. Shows;

The Rachel Zoe Project

The Hills

Law & Order

Real Housewives of Atlanta/Orange County

Favorite Mags;



Italian Vogue

Favorite YouTube Video;

This girl cracks me up all the time. Her humor is simple, blunt and hilarious.

This is someone I found on YouTube, that I BELIEVE, was signed with Mos Def. Amazing voice right?

This is actually someone I went to school with..amazing voice. Visit www.youtube.com/chrisramoswong or www.youtube.com/sonnyburns2332

She is absolutely hilarious and this particular skit she did had me dying because I SOOO do this.

First off, totally obsessed with this song..but seeing the emotion from this dance is so touching and I had to put this in my top for 2008. They performed this dance at their graduation because their friend passed away.

SOO inspired by young dancers.

Obsessions in fashion;

Colored tights.

Oversized Sweaters.

Sequin tops. But for me, I am obsessed with VINTAGE sequin tops; something about them just tell a story to me, something from the 1920's..brought into the 80's for their vintage, making my own 21st century vintage.

All photos from OBSESSIONS were taken from runwaydaily.com

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