welcome to 4:42AM.

Can't sleep; much on the mind.

I've taken time to reflect on the past whirl-winded two years and it has been quite a journey. I've had such extravagant highs and lows that it's been a unpredictable roller coaster...but it's been a ride, an unfortunately fortunate tale of events. Moving to Los Angeles; losing a best friend to wreckless driving, building a relationship back up from scratch, battling depression, battling untrustworthy friends, discovering who I really am and where my morals lie, moving back home to the bay area, searched for the right path for me, plucking out the damaged pieces of myself and replacing with the originals and now, I'll continue the ride.

life, love, family, friends, career, stability; it's all on my plate.
i'm grateful, scared, nervous, excited.



Blog Got a Makeover.

Hello all-

My fashion blog has received a makeover. I want all my followers to follow the new blog: http://www.nobodyknowsyou.net

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Today is my two younger sisters, Grace & Emily's baptism. my, my, my have they grown up. and why on earth am I up so early when I don't have to be at church for another four hours...

Sorry I've been neglecting both my blogs as of late. June has been quite the hectic month and its not even close to being over. My brother graduated from high school on the 11th and it was so crazy because I was on that field four years prior. Pictures shall be up soon; I'm blogging from my phone so I could update you all for a bit.

My birthday was fantastic. I shared it with my most loved ones and everyone made it quite special. My boyfriend and I spent my birthday weekend in Santa Cruz and Jack London Square in Oakland. It was so amazing and the weather was finally gorgeous after a very cold week!!

My job is excellent; love the customers, the apparel and the location. The little street I'm on is like a little family. everyone checks up on everyone and chit chats...its really adorable actually. the boutique I manage is fantastic, extremely European with a twist. It's nice to finally work for a company who cares when it comes to the selection of merchandise. The fabrics are heaven and the trenches are too die for. I'll definitely be posting more when 1. I get a new laptop and 2. I get some time.

I'm going to be doing another vlog post soon. Oh, and I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog...fashiontablet was such a spur of the moment name. I'm thinking ill just name it what I'm going to name my consulting business...we shall see. anyone have any suggestions?

oh, and ill be posting more "look of the day" posts. :)



is pure.
is true.
is real.
doesn't discriminate; brown, black, yellow or blue; you, me, him, her; gay, straight, lesbian or transgender;
doesn't hate.
isn't fake.
encourages the right.
discourages the wrong.
brings joy.
brings hope. ____________ no matter who you love.
brings future.

...is the human race.

Equal rights for EVERYONE includes EVERYONE.

originally I was going to find love on photobucket but I decided to go through my friends list and find love that inspired me...here is Love.


life changes.

Quick update;

Haven't really talked about what's been going on in my life. It's definitely something...

I've reached a point where I'm ready to put everything behind me; old friends, old news, being back home, everything. I'm learning that growing up is okay do it, just do it the right way.

No more nonsense; it's my time.

Being back home makes me sad to see everyone who is STILL here. I feel like no one grew up; same drama, same story. I'm so happy I got out when I did and this situation right here is absolutely temporary. I'm looking at great studios in Berkeley & Emeryville. I'm ready for my own place now with no roommates, no other rules, just me and what I want.

I have a new job now and I'm so excited. It's a great position and a great place to work. I'm staying positive with this one for sure. I'm setting myself on a private time limit and when I get there, I'm gone again. There's nothing for me here anymore besides my two best friends. And although I'm happy I have them here, I'm definitely not happy with being in the town I've lived in 90% of my life.

My time is coming; again. I don't know if that means going back to Los Angeles or moving to New York; maybe overseas or staying right here in the bay area. But one thing is beyond clear; I'm 100% over going out the way we used too. You're not going to see me how I used to be. I'm more for the classy joints these days and there is no more drinking. I've already lost a dear friend of mine to drunk drivers being reckless, and that's no going to be me. Smart choices from now on.

I have a fairly small yet good support system and THAT is all I really will EVER need.

Happy & rejoiceful,

Christina Dee.


My best friend...

captures the essence of me.
BTW, that bow headband is hot; don't hate.


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