Today is my two younger sisters, Grace & Emily's baptism. my, my, my have they grown up. and why on earth am I up so early when I don't have to be at church for another four hours...

Sorry I've been neglecting both my blogs as of late. June has been quite the hectic month and its not even close to being over. My brother graduated from high school on the 11th and it was so crazy because I was on that field four years prior. Pictures shall be up soon; I'm blogging from my phone so I could update you all for a bit.

My birthday was fantastic. I shared it with my most loved ones and everyone made it quite special. My boyfriend and I spent my birthday weekend in Santa Cruz and Jack London Square in Oakland. It was so amazing and the weather was finally gorgeous after a very cold week!!

My job is excellent; love the customers, the apparel and the location. The little street I'm on is like a little family. everyone checks up on everyone and chit chats...its really adorable actually. the boutique I manage is fantastic, extremely European with a twist. It's nice to finally work for a company who cares when it comes to the selection of merchandise. The fabrics are heaven and the trenches are too die for. I'll definitely be posting more when 1. I get a new laptop and 2. I get some time.

I'm going to be doing another vlog post soon. Oh, and I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog...fashiontablet was such a spur of the moment name. I'm thinking ill just name it what I'm going to name my consulting business...we shall see. anyone have any suggestions?

oh, and ill be posting more "look of the day" posts. :)

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