welcome to 4:42AM.

Can't sleep; much on the mind.

I've taken time to reflect on the past whirl-winded two years and it has been quite a journey. I've had such extravagant highs and lows that it's been a unpredictable roller coaster...but it's been a ride, an unfortunately fortunate tale of events. Moving to Los Angeles; losing a best friend to wreckless driving, building a relationship back up from scratch, battling depression, battling untrustworthy friends, discovering who I really am and where my morals lie, moving back home to the bay area, searched for the right path for me, plucking out the damaged pieces of myself and replacing with the originals and now, I'll continue the ride.

life, love, family, friends, career, stability; it's all on my plate.
i'm grateful, scared, nervous, excited.


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