life changes.

Quick update;

Haven't really talked about what's been going on in my life. It's definitely something...

I've reached a point where I'm ready to put everything behind me; old friends, old news, being back home, everything. I'm learning that growing up is okay do it, just do it the right way.

No more nonsense; it's my time.

Being back home makes me sad to see everyone who is STILL here. I feel like no one grew up; same drama, same story. I'm so happy I got out when I did and this situation right here is absolutely temporary. I'm looking at great studios in Berkeley & Emeryville. I'm ready for my own place now with no roommates, no other rules, just me and what I want.

I have a new job now and I'm so excited. It's a great position and a great place to work. I'm staying positive with this one for sure. I'm setting myself on a private time limit and when I get there, I'm gone again. There's nothing for me here anymore besides my two best friends. And although I'm happy I have them here, I'm definitely not happy with being in the town I've lived in 90% of my life.

My time is coming; again. I don't know if that means going back to Los Angeles or moving to New York; maybe overseas or staying right here in the bay area. But one thing is beyond clear; I'm 100% over going out the way we used too. You're not going to see me how I used to be. I'm more for the classy joints these days and there is no more drinking. I've already lost a dear friend of mine to drunk drivers being reckless, and that's no going to be me. Smart choices from now on.

I have a fairly small yet good support system and THAT is all I really will EVER need.

Happy & rejoiceful,

Christina Dee.

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