My heart is touched.

You know, you never really think you make a difference. You never really think you touched someone's life. You never really think that somewhat...strangers, care.

proves all those theories wrong.

I decided this morning to search my blog on Google to see if it showed up. Not only did it show up, but something got my eye... Shut Your Friggin Gob is a blog I read by a guy who has amazing customer service at Best Buy. :) Like he says in the blog, we never hung out, never talked on the phone and never got to know each other, but this proves that there are true, genuine people, especially in Los Angeles, that really do care.

Here is what he wrote, that touched my heart.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Her name is Christina.

I met this dope girl some time ago, chopped it up a lil, helped her out with some Best Buy stuff. We never kicked it, never talked on the phone, but i always had a vibe that she was a real chill person.
Fashion wise, healthy heart for caring about others. This video here proves it. Stay up girl, life will throw you curveball's, but it's already known that you'll knock that shit out the park.

*** WARNING: This vid was very difficult to fully watch. Get ready for the waterworks. ***

You can follow her blog @ deefineme

//EDIT// - Mad propz Girl, i could never ball out authentically and let my emotions out like that. Your on Hero Status.

Rest In Peace - Tara S. (12/17/1987 - 02/03/2008)
Posted by Russell Ramos at 2:59 AM


For a guy with such a heart, you should follow his blog. You might learn something you never knew.

Click here. His Blog.

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