*Absolutely Explicit Viewing Ahead*

Oh, to start off this beautiful 2009 off, I had my wisdom teeth pulled. I freaked myself out by watching gross videos online of teeth being removed and read up on all the dangers of wisdom teeth being removed and scared myself so badly.

I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth pulled out three years ago...AND IT NEVER HAPPENED. Lol. So here I am, January 2, 2009, getting my teeth removed.

So, after the quickest hour of my life, and the hard-core"est" anesthesia I've ever had, here is the results. LMAO. Get ready to laugh.

I'm on hard-core Vicodin (spelling?) and I'm not swollen anymore. I'm dying for solid foods and a piece of candy. I accidentally hit myself in the face and hurt the left side of face, like a rere that I am.

The best part of this day was that I have such a supporting family and friends, seriously, theeee best. My stepmom was there with me the whole time and bought me all my favorite slurrpppyy things; mashed potatoes, jello, pudding and soup. Although when I walked downstairs for dinner, she had made this yummy pot of pasta with hamburger and yummy sauce and I had pureed brocolli and cheese soup. It was good though, not gonna lie.

Then Maggie Riess came over and gave me what I've been craving all day, a blanca freeze. If you've never had one, find somewhere that makes a good one, with giradelli's (spelling) chocolate. Anyways, my best friend Heather Marie came as well to hang out and it was just so great talking with them, having true friends, and feeling so much better. Even my brother came in to check on me to see if I needed anything and he took down my bloody gauze.

Seriously, I have such a sweet life. I've started my year off great even though I don't think anyone wants to endure freaking surgery.

So, to start your year off right, laugh at yourself. It feels good. I dare you, post a blog.

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