Oh good morning to the world on this beautiful February day;

there is a multitude of things I must get accomplished today and I'm still sitting on the couch, not doing them; well I lie...one of them is a new blog. I haven't written about what's been going on with me nor have a done a vlog in a while due to the chaos going on in my life. For whatever reason the month of February has been hell month. Let me catch you up to date.

P.S. Let me just say that Gwyneth is stunning and so fashion forward.

So anyways, I'm back at school and only taking two classes. I was a late-add (it was a very last-minute decision) so I could only try to add through teacher's permission. School has been hard, just like I thought; only because I hate school. :) I know, not great but I've never been able to focus, ever. I really enjoy my dance class. It's been so great to be back in dance; I'm hoping to choreograph a dance for class this semester.

Tara's one-year anniversary was on the 3rd of this month and it's been harder than ever. I couldn't take myself to her grave when I was down in Los Angeles this weekend; I'm not sure why but I couldn't so I decided to just hang out with her daughter...which put an automatic smile on my face. She is such a joy and so smart. I thought I would be able to blog about her for her one-year anniversary but it's taken me a while and I'm still not sure what to write. There has been so many thoughts lately about her and as my friends know, I've been having strange dreams and visions of her...a lot has to do with the unfinished business I have with her. That's all.

I really miss Los Angeles. When I was down there this weekend, I was driving around, and seeing all the familiar places and felt really sad. Honestly, I would love to move back down but it's definitely not the right time. I need to take care of business here in the bay first before I do anything else for LA. But the only things I miss are:

1. My baby
2. Jayla
3. The frequent trips to Robertson Blvd., 3rd Street Promenade, The Beverly Center, Les Deux & Santa Monica Pier.
4. Free coffee at Starbucks.
5. Trips to Target with my cousin.
6. Sabrina.
7. Having my own place.
8. The fashion :).

The things I don't miss are:

2. Fake people.
3. Fake friends.
4. The expenses of LA.
5. The men.
6. The snobs.
7. Resturants who don't know how to serve properly i.e. Luna Park.
8. My old house.
9. Parking tickets.
10. The ways of getting into a club.
11. The gas prices.
12. No cable.
13. The techno music in clubs although I did get used to it.

Hmmm...time for a vlog.


  1. i cant get in on
    bein missed i mean damn..
    im extravagent..


  2. lololol...oh soorrryyy i miss the ransoms lol.