Technology Frustration.

Thoroughly frustrated is my feeling at the moment. The above photos are the phone I have now. I have now been on the phone with technical support for T-Mobile for TWO HOURS, and you know their solution, "I'm sorry ma'm. There's nothing we can do. They say the engineers are working on a solution to your problem but until then, there is nothing we can do. Sorry about that". Keep in mind, they also formatted my SD card so now it's unreadable but thankfully they refunded me the money. BUT that money is on my account, so I still have to shell out money to BUY ANOTHER SD card!

Here is what I've purchased to make my life better using the G1:

-1 new Dell 6400 computer
-2 SD cards
-2 replacement g1 phones

I returned the computer because it wasn't reading my phone. I purchased another SD card because it wasn't reading on my phone because apparently if you buy a 4g SD card, those don't read... ??? I got another replacement phone because it was still giving me the error when trying to load music on the phone. "an O/I error"...preventing me from putting music on the phone.

I still have not recieved my refund for my computer so I can't go out and buy a new one.

And all this, so I can have music to listen to at the gym.

In conclusion,
I hate technology. Fcuk you.

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  1. if only i was there to help you, either that or get you a new ipod. =P, hope all is well, we'll chat when i get off of work, ya?