High School Reunion at the age of TwentyOne.

Happy 23rd Birthday Erin!
The thing is I have nothing wrong with seeing people from high school. I really don't have an issue; actually is rather hilarious to see how people have changed and how many people haven't.

Below are my best friends, since who knows when. The picture to the right was last night...my, how we've grown.

Anyways, although I love being with them and our other close friends, it can be so awkward to run into folks that you haven't talked to since you've graduated high school and the small talk can be so random. BUTTT it was great seeing a few folks and talk about what we've been up to..

It was our girl, Erin's 23rd birthday, and she had a highlighter party. It's where your supposed to wear white to get written on with all these highlighters but Heather and I did NOT want to get written on, yet we still had it all over our bodies. Erin, you could tell, had so much fun. It was great to hang around everyone and celebrate her birthday. I was doubting the fun at first but it was actually quite hilarious. We all had highlighters written all over us; so crazy.

Something random that happened was this girl who still hasn't gotten over dramz from high school, tried to start something last night and it wasn't happening. I've never known this girl, ever in life and it's too long of a story to even discuss but thankfully it was handled, (thank you ques and besties).

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