I know I posted this before, but I really want to post it even more now because of Thanksgiving. I am SOOO thankful for everyone who has entered my life and made a difference. For those not mentioned, don't think you're not on my mind because you are...but SHOOOTTT i was ballin my eyes out man. lol.

Here are a few people who bring me to life:

My mother-strength.

My dad-humor.

My step-parents-their positivity.

My brother-my everything.

My sisters, all four of them-their hearts.

heather marie-she showed me tough love.

maggie-helped me see who i really am.

leilani-showing me what a true manager is, taught me how to rule the world.

graciela-although we don't talk as much, my heart stays with you, as one who never judged.

chelsi-showed me that you can't judge your friends because we're always one step behind another.

hannah-my humor.

ashley hanson-giving me the strength to move on and laugh about it.

trevon marcel-my all, my strength, through it ALL, we are still here. thank you.

auntie shirley-tough love & strength.

my grandparents-strength.

sabrina-showing me to be strong, move on, and do better.
yvonne-showing me that no one can replace true friends, no matter the distance.

*everyone who has a part of my life, thank you for everything. without any of you, even the ones not mentioned, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving. To a new year...xoxo.

Christina Dee.

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