What is it about questions?

Why do we question ourselves every time we make a move? Its like a game of chess; moving pawns to protect the hierarchy..always guessing if this really is the right move. You factor in if the move was right, if there was a better route and who will come out the winner, if there should even be a winner. But motivates us to take risks and to shy away from the unknown? Who are we to judge what others do when we all know our lives are no where near perfection although some of us would like others to believe.

In the generation I belong to and the age I am at, I feel like this youth has caused one another to question more than any other generation. It's like no one can be trusted and everyone is out for themselves. It's a game, a game of chess; Because sometimes we don't always move to protect the king and queen, we move to avoid the questionable.

That being said, I want to prove myself, to show not only my family and friends, but show the world what I can do and what I'm capable of. I need to also prove to myself that I can do this. The youth, the labels, the struggles and the insecurities all become minuet when I get focused. The distractions, however, draw me to another question.

When will we stop letting our issues affect what we want? What if the issues we go through, affect the choices we make, leading to the unhappiness and destruction of one's dreams? To that, I have no clue.

My passion has always been fashion and the desire to be a part of that world. I know I'll make my mark somehow but I've got to prove I want it, with taking chances and standing up for what I believe in, never settling for the lesser of me. I want to push through the weak and race with the winners...but when will that come?

Why as parents, peers and guardians do we question those we love? How much do we really want them to succeed because maybe that succession isn't what we had in mind...What if history repeats itself and find themselves in a situation we've lived through before? What if we want more for them? To that I say, you can only let them live...

I know I will make mistakes, hell, God knows I've made plenty of them but I know that no mistake goes unnoticed and it's all a learning experience. I'm learning to grow and how to use my creativity in the best way possible.

What is my goal?
Answer:. . . . . . .

The thing is, it starts with a question. The problem is the answer.

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