New Move.

A new chapter has began, as I've moved back home, to the beautiful San Francisco bay area. It's wonderful to be home, it really is, but there is definitely something missing. I know exactly what it is but I'm afraid if I say it, it will vanish...I'll curse it or something I know it...

Well, it's got to come off my chest one way or another. I really miss him and being with him, and the goal was to get a place for him and I by the end of the month but we've ran into a few complications and it's really wearing down the relationship. I feel like it's tearing us apart when it's supposed to be bringing us together.

Now that that's off my chest, check out the new videos posted.

p.s. I recieved a comment from my first official hater, twenty21oneeh8er, lol. This person posted a hilarious comment on my video of me back home so check it out.

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