Questions and I Need ANSWERS :)

Oh hello beautiful Thursday!

So here's the deal. I have a new job and I'm collecting research for my project for this position. I would GREATLY appreciate it if everyone could contribute their ideas who are from the bay area. It would help me soooo much♥

Here are the questions I need answered:

1. Describe the Bay Area in ONE word

2. Describe the Bay Area fashion (Doesn't have to be in one word)

3. Does the Bay Area set the trend, follow the trend or doesn't go with any trend at all?

4. Where does the Bay Area shop: Mainstream like Nords or Macys, Vintage/Thrift shops, the mall, or online?

And if you could contribute a picture in an outfit from head to toe of you, that would be great too!

Email to: christina.topacio@gmail.com

Thanks again!

And thank you to:

*My dad lol


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