Starbucks Lids.

picture provided by laeater.com

OOK...I know this topic is off the deep-end but seriously, what is it with the "NEW" Starbucks lids? I'm all for saving the planet and using less plastics and what not, but reeeaaallllllllyyyyy????

So, there have been mutiple times where I've gotten my drink at Starbucks and as I grab that cup, that lid snaps off and my drink spills either on my shoes, on my clothes or on my hand. GGRRRRR.......or this happens; I get my drink, everything is a-okay, and then I TRY to stick my straw in and it wont go in!!! I push and push and push and nothing happens. When it finally gets a little in, the straw gets thin and skinny and I can't get nothing out of it!!! Then the straw cracks, so then there's a hole in it and I can't suck anything out!

*SIDEBAR* this detailing is cracking me up cuz its not sounding too legit, like I'm talking about strwas and cups...lmao.

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